Shorthorn Herd Bulls

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Shorthorn Herd Bulls at Nile Valley Farm

Nile Valley Tony’s Promise 2518    

  reg# 4277869     DOB 9-01-2018

        82#  BW    667# WW   1030# YW   

Frame 5.4    40.7 Scrotal at Yr     Fescue Tolerance Index 25     50K

Tony’s Promise 2518 is a very docile, smooth polled bull that exhibits superb feet and leg structure.

This deep cherry red sire combines strong growth to weaning numbers. His yearling numbers continue to impress with depth of rib and muscle while excelling on grass. 

This slick hided calving ease bull is fescue tolerant & 50K genomic tested.    TH free, PHA free, DS free

As of May 2022 ASA Sire Summary Promise 2518 is a top 40 Trait Leader in YW & $F.

He is backed by Performance trait leading sires – Prime Time Teddy & Gold Card 5042.

From the highly maternal Ada tribe; this great uddered cow family has deep roots at Nile Valley dating back to 1903.

While nursing his 2X Performance Award Dam; Promise 2518 achieved 667# WW on grass with no creep, a smashing 120 herd ratio. 

Top 25% EPD TM, Top 10% WW, YW, $ F Index; Top 15% Stayability  His progeny’s phenotypes are stunning and are born easy with vigor. All of his calves born to date unassisted but one.              

                                             Use Promise 2518 with Confidence & Sleep Easy at Night.

Nile Valley Tony's Promise 2518

Current A.I. Sires at Nile Valley

JSF Marquis 127X       (5 X Performance/Pacesetter Sire) 

This bull has been a staple in Studer's Shorthorn program for the last several years.  He has proven to be moderate in calving while excelling in his ability to produce performance cattle that balance out very nice phenotypically as well.  He ranks Top 1% in WW, Top 4%, in YW, Top 2% TM, Top 1% in $BMI and $F as well.

His sons & daughters looking extra nice here at Nile Valley.

TH - Free PHA - Free DS - Free



Muridale Skoll 38Y       (2018 Performance Sire with several daughters in Herd) 

Documented and confirmed, the calving ease king!

This solid red Canadian bred bull has consistently sired low birth weight calves that Grow.. 


Muridale Thermal Energy 15A          (Explosive EPD #'s) 

One of the most popular “sophomore” sires in the industry today.

Massive in his type and kind, he expresses volume and shear power like few can in the breed today.

He sires progeny with his power and punch. One of the best footed bulls you’ll find.


BFS Master Prince Calving Ease Leader

Sired by Jake’s Prince of Jazz and his dam is sired by the calving ease bull, KL Prime Time Paymaster.

Here is the great breeding bull this breed has been waiting for: extreme low birth weight, bet the farm calving ease, solid red, smooth polled,

extremely deep bodied, complete outcross pedigree, great performance, super scan data, just enough eye appeal.

MURIDALE JAXSON 4A   Jaxson is a very docile, deep ribbed bull with a big rear quarter and is out of a easy keeping, capacious Bonanza 219M cow.

Ultrasound data showed that Jaxson was one of the highest indexing bulls in the pen for both marbling and REA.

He's in the top 30% for growth and top 20% for low BW EPDs. THF, PHAF, DSF.


Former A.I Sires 

Ar Su Lu Vann  - 2011 Pacesetter Sire

Muscle, volume, and ease of movement. Early maturity. Homozygous polled


Byland Gold Spear  - 2010 & 2016 Pacesetter Sire 


 Shadybrook Scotty 83K - 2010 - 2016 -2017 Performance Sire 

 Introducing our Newest Herd Sire

Mapleton Jefferson M5J - semen available 

Click on Jefferson photo for pedigree info


Former Herd Sires of Nile Valley pastures

Nile Valley Rose Bouquet -

Sire of 4 Performance Dams ( In pedigree of 14/17

Nile Valley Performance dams)

Ridge View Ladys Nathan 98  - Native & Polled

Sire of Front Pature Daughters


 Ridge View Deep Water - Native & Polled Sire of Perf Dam


Ar Su Lu Gates 618  - Sire of 2 Perf Dams 

His Dam - Godiva 409 & Grand-dam Greta (Perf Dams)

His Sire - Ar Su Su Vann (Perf Sire)



Ar Su Lu Gallager 403 - Another Vann Son with Curve Bending EPD's

& 102 traced progeny born here & in pedigree of 8/17 Perf dams


Waukaru Tony 5028   past herd sire

DOB: 1/15/15    BW: 72 pounds   WW: 567   YW: 1164


88 natural born calves at Nile Valley -

ASA Trait Leader WW & YW  $ F index



Leading Daughters in Pastures of Nile Valley

Sire of 6 Performance Dams at Nile Valley

Nile Valley King Hearts 


Sire : KL Prime Time Teddy 1137  - 2017  2018 2019 Performance Sire /Multiple ASA Trait Leader


MGS: Waukaru Gold Card 5042 

2010 - Performance Sire 2011 - Pacesetter Sire 2016 - Pacesetter Sire 2017 - Pacesetter Sire  







Nile Valley Magic Made P -

As of 2020 7 daughters have been awarded Performance dams honors





Patent 8161 sire of Lucas 2036