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Farm Tour & Breeder of Year

On Saturday June 13, 2020; Nile Valley Shorthorns hosted the Missouri Shorthorn Association tour at our farm. Doyle was honored as Breeder of the Year at the MO State Fair grounds earlier that day.

MO Shorthorn Breeder of the Year

Doyle and Alice accepting Breeder of the Year.

Welcome to Nile Valley Tour

Welcome to Nile Valley Shorthorns on tour day.

Our family standing up with Dad accepting award from Brian K.

At Missouri Sate Fairgrounds accepting Breeder of Year award from MO Shorthorn Association.

Doyle accepting award from Brian Kohlstaedt

Sharing the moment; accepting Breeder of Year award from MO Shorthorn Association.

Jr Association Drawing for Vet Cooler

Julie winner of Vet cooler from MO Shorthorn Juniors

In the pasture under shade tree waiting for cows — at Nile Valley Shorthorns.

After the pasture tour back to house Doyle talking to Eric Grant about Shorthorn cows & carvings — at Nile Valley Shorthorns.

Sharing a video of our recent farm tour. Special Thank you to Eric Grant of Grant & Company for the production of this video. To Montie of ASA office for sending John & Eric & MO Shorthorn Association for the honor to host.

ASA Nile Valley Shorthorn tour






Enjoying afternoon with Shorthorn friends and neighbors — at Nile Valley Shorthorns.

ID 73 Nile Valley Ada 56 (2 x Performance Dam at Nile Valley tour)