Nile Valley Shorthorn Cow Families

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Nile Valley Cow Families


Meat and milk in one package!   Over All Volume, Depth of Rib and Length of Body is what Nile Valley cows are all about. We strive to produce super deep sided, big barreled versatile maternal machines.  Our cows must work for a living. Nile Valley cow families are the factories that produce growthy calves from mother cows that milk!

   Generations of selective breeding has produced several cow families in our Shorthorn herd.  



In our part of the country, our cows must perform on predominantly fescue pastures.

So the recent trend to Grass Fed cattle, our cow herd is born and raised on grass being Fescue Fed.

Totally Grass Based Genetics.

 2017 ASA Awards Banquet - Nile Valley / Hendrickson Trust announces 4 Performance Dams.

2018 ASA Awards 8 - Performance Dam & 2019 - 4 More Performance Dams.

Dec 2020 - Proud to announce 11 more cows qualified - Total of 28 cows






Ada cow Family

(Ada Cow Family) Nile Valley Ada 28-P (ID 54)Nile Valley Ada 28 pedigree page

Truly a supreme brood cow. named ASA 2017 Pacer Performance Dam Pictured at age twelve, Ada 28 has produce 12 natural born calves & at age thirteen bred back with an average calving ainterval of 364 days lifetime. 

Maternal sister - Nile Valley Ada 35 named ASA 2016 & 2017 Pacer Performance Dam & daughter in 2017 & 2018

Nile Valley Ada 35 pedigree page  & daughter Nile Valley Ada 56 pedigree page

Sisters and momma below 

 Oldest cow family at Nile Valley doesn't have many heifers but produce the great ones.

This cow family came from Grandpa Hendrickson's grade herd. Which traces all the way back to Great-great Grandpa H.S. Balcom whom imported 4 heifers and 1 horned Durham bull from England in the early 1900's. Which he called Thoro Bred Cattle. He had the cows for a few years then sold herd to Date Hendrickson (Nile Valley Farms and Mieth Bros (Green Mount Stock Farm) HS Balcom was Doyle's grt grd father on Mothers side and Date Hendrickson grd father on fathers side.

 Original Nile Valley ThoroBreds - Ada cow family

    Ada 35 Champ   Ada 35 Performance Dam     
  Ada 20 pair           
  Ada 44      Ada 56 Performance Dam  

Mamie cow Family

(Mamie cow Family) Nile Valley Mamie 60 (ID9) A Queen Bee - 8 calves, all born in March.
4 Daughters still in our herd & 2 Daughters  sold to other Breeeders. Sold this Queen Bee to C. Honey Farms of TN 1/26/2009.

The Mamie Cow Family started in 1964 with purchase of Roan Mamie 2nd from Lloyd Strong at the NE State sale. Soon Mamie became the Cow Factory Power family that has heifers you keep. The Mamie's work with most any bull because of excellence in maternal repeatability.      Mamie 12(1985)   Mamie 74     Mamie 109 Performance Dam


Mamie 120 (Performance Dam)

Maid cow Family


(Maid cow Family) Nile Valley Maid 30 (ID8) Another daughter of Ridge View Alexander has been an awesome cow for us. To date ID8 has produced eight calves in March and still going strong. Average BW of 83# and WW of 548# makes her calves keepers and wishing for more. She still looks like a five year old.  Visitors always seem to take notice to the Maid cow family.

The Maid cow family started with  Gilmore LP Cherry Maid (grandaughter of the famous "Cobbs Cherry Maid") by Lofty Prince . Dad had dreamed of having a key piece of this great high production Milking Shorthorn cow family. When the Monroe Gilmore herd disperal sale catalog came in 1978 featuring her family, he drove all night to New Mexico. At daylight a few miles away just about turned around to come home, but came over horizon and seen the beautiful herd grazing on irrigated pasture the Maid cow family was selected for Nile Valley. 

 Maid 38      Maid 40       Maid 51              Maid 62 Performance Dam     Maid 58 Performance Dam

Oly cow Family

(Oly cow Family) Nile Valley Oly 13 ID64  "Matriarch" of the Oly cow family.  Daughter - Nile Valley Oly 28 was just named by ASA as 2016 Pacer Performance Dam

ASA pedigree page NV Oly 28


This awesome cow has a rich history of sires. By former herd sire "GB" Gold Mine Brad 564 by Pinehurst Brad 7th by Clayside Prince Bicenten. Oly 13 produced five daughters most still in the herd. The Oly cow family started in 1980 from a grade-up cow; Nile Valley Oly KP 2nd by Korncrest Pacesetter.

  B Oly 10    Oly 17   Oly 24 Champion
 Oly 24   Oly 44 w/ Doyle      Oly 28 (Bouquet dau)   Oly 28 Performance Dam    Oly 51

Louise cow Family

(Louise cow Family) Nile Valley Louise 13-P ID59 Very hardworking young cow with a great future. ID 59 is sired by Nile Valley Patrick from our old Patsy Family. This cow family started from Lilydale Patsy Kerosene from the great Lilydale herd's disperal of Springfield, MO in 1970. The Patsy's are gone now but blending the Louise and Patsy cow family produced a winner. We should have kept that yearling bull instead sold to a commerical herd whom owner states "Patrick daughters are the best of any breed"

Louise 13 was 2nd place Junior Yearling to our own NV Ada 35-P at 2006 Dual Show and went on to be Reserve Champion. The Louise cow family came from Dad's purchase of sale day fresh Lady Lou 22 at national sale in 1980. She combined great sires Korncrest Pacesetter and Sunny View Princess Promise from the Vaske herd of IA. Louise 13 dam and grand-dam pictured below are still in the herd.

  Louise 8    Louise 16 Peformance Dam  

Lady cow Family

(Lady Cow Family) Nile Valley Lady 32-THF-P (ID2) This young cow continues the Lady cow family tradition. Pictured fall '09 fresh with 3rd calf as a four year old.

Already as a first calf heifer, the dam of our herd sire King of Hearts.    

This outstanding Lady has set a high benchmark for her offspring to follow. Her dam ID#99 Lady 21 below left our herd after producing eleven calves all born in

Sept and August to raise a couple more for another proud breeder.

  Lady 21        

ID2 Dam and Granddam were super brood cows at Nile Valley. 
The Lady cow family comes from Crawley family of AR with the purchase of Valley View Bonnie Lady 2 at the national sale in MO in 1980.         

Rose cow Family

(Rose cow Family) Nile Valley M Rose 23 proved herself in the Milk barn as well as the pasture. Our top milk cow and then raised the top gaining heifer ( Nile Valley White Rose) full sister to former Senior Herd sire

Nile Valley Rose Bouquet.

(Fast forward to 2016 & 2017 Four of his daughters and a daughter of his Full Sister named 2016 Pacer Performance Dams


White Rose's daughter Nile Valley Rose 39 named by ASA as 2016 Pacer Performance Dam

Nile Valley Rose 39 pedigree page

The Rose family started from Dad purchasing Page's Imperial Rose 3rd and her three daughters from Jim Box of Sand Springs, OK in 1963. She then calved with another heifer calf. To this day we have yet to have four Rose daughters at the same time, Rose cows have bulls here. But a Rose is always a rose. We have a couple sweet Rose heifers this year to carry on the family tradition.

Nile Valley Rose Bouquet whom has sired Champions in the show ring, weaning weights and carcass data scores.  

   Rose Bouquet   RB - as calf     Imperial Rose 3rd (1963)         Rose's (1967)   

  White Rose        Rose 39 Performance Dam     Rose 52 Performance Dam 

Optim cow Family

(Optim cow Family) Nile Valley Optimil 77-P (ID 29)     More than a Queen Bee - An awesome cow and a marvel to look at in the pasture. Dam of herd sire Alexander The Great, other sons in TX, TN and AR.

Maternal Sister - Nile Valley Optimil 96 named by ASA as 2016 Pacer Performance Dam

Nile Valley Optimil 96 pedigree page


 For seven years in a row Optimil 77 ID29 calves weaned the heaviest of the herd. Her sister Optimil 86-P ID44 (by RV Alexander) as well is nearly her equal. Optim cow family is our most vast. Optim's have created a superior sisterhood that just keeps growing. Several customers have progeny of Optim cow family.

The Optim cow family started by accident in 1973. A registered Holstein "Optimil" (named from a miracle scour saving product Dad came home with from A.I. school at Carnation Albers in 1965) and our herd sire at the time Gold Mine Timonium by Flora's Prince crossed paths. The resulting calf affectionly called "Opps" was a wonder by nearly 4000# of milk over dam.  So by no accident the herd of Black & White cows became only Milking Shorthorns. Optim 86   Alex the Great

  Optim 96 Performance Dam

Godiva & Greta cow family

(Godiva & Greta cow Family) Ar Su Lu Godiva 409 has proven to be best daughter of the great Ar Su Lu Greta cow. She was aquired from the Bakenhus dispersal in Fall of 2008 as a 4 yr old, after her first son Mr. Gates by Vann was a proven sire for our herd. We had long wanted to infuse the Greta family genetics into our Nile Valley herd. & it really clicked.  Godiva 409 produced 15 calves and has now followed her mother as being named 2017 & 2018 Performance Dam.  Greta achieved award as 2010 Performance Dam


Greta  (dam of Godiva 409)  Pedigree of Godiva 409 
Godiva Girl daughter by Gold Spear 

We recently found an old photo of Sue and John leading Nile Valley Ada 4 & NV Optim 6 getting ready for the fair in 1987.

This was Sue's first time at the halter as it shows on her face. She must have did an awesome job; as NV Ada 4 was the MO State Fair Grand Champion that year. 

 Fast forward to Summer of 2015, we just double registered with both ASA & AMSS, Nile Valley Ada 78 & Nile Valley Optim 172.

We are proud to express our gratitude to be their caretakers & stewards.

Over 250 natural born females that have graced the pastures of Nile Valley can be traced these two cows: Truly Great Matriarch's. The Ada & Optim cow families are rich in tradition & genuinely represent our motto.




Peformance Dam Awards for 2016 - 2017 - 2018 -2019 - 2020