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Nile Valley Farm Shorthorn Cattle

 Hendrickson Trust/ Nile Valley

31598 Hendrickson Rd.

Sedalia, MO  65301

Ph# (660) 826-7279

John's cell  (618) 367-4190

Alice or James

Julie and Allyson

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 We welcome you to our web site. 

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When you visit our farm; take a ride with us in the Mule 

for the full tour of Nile Valley Shorthorn cows.


Visitors are always welcome.  Coffee is always on; 

Who cannot sample - Alice's famous cookies or cake.

  • Nile Valley Farm Shorthorn cattle since 1903 near Sedalia, MO - The Hendrickson Family
  • Meat and milk in one package!  Over All Volume, Depth of Rib and Length of Body is what Nile Valley cows are all about. We strive to produce super deep sided, big barreled versatile maternal machines.
  •    Use Nile Valley Shorthorn bull's to add milk to your cow herd.

  • Shorthorns make a compelling case for the cowman wanting to keep the British influencein his operation, providing adequate growth, acceptable mature weights,

  • and strong maternal capabilities, all which are important to operations raising their own replacements.

  • Milky cows, Still the most efficient, economical method to increase your weaning weights!
  •  Growthy calves from mother cows that milk!

         Cows, Heifers, young bulls or semen from a few sires. 

  • Pictures of calves, cows and bulls; history of herd and breed; show winners

  • Cattle for Sale, Herd sires, Favorite links, Photo page, About Nile Valley Farm



  • Our motto:  Good Grass   &  Supreme Cows...  

  • Look to Nile Valley, if your cow herd need Genes Built for Grass from cows Bred to Thrive in Fescue Country. 

    Our Shorthorn calves, heifers, cows and bulls are raised on grass as nature intended. We rotate pastures frequently in various paddocks separated by electric fence. Pasture management is a key for proper nutrition of our cows; thus increasing gain and improving health of our herd. A good free choice mineral & de-worming program are fundamentals. No growth hormones are ever used. Many times during growing season pastures are clipped or shredded to keep fresh grass growth. 

  • Genes Built For GRASS

  • Sharing a video of our recent farm tour. Special Thank you to Eric Grant of Grant & Company for the production of this video. Thank you - Montie of ASA office for sending John and Eric to video capture the event & MO Shorthorn Association for the honor to host.



Beautiful Sunset with Fall calving Tag 29 Oly 82 with Jefferson heifer calf


  Pedigree of Louise 23

 Nile Valley Louise 23 (New 2023 Performance dam) daughter of Jaxson & 5 X Performance dam Louise 16 


 Visit: MO Shorthorn Association MSA

Visit: American Shorthorn new website

ASA Performance Registry look up

Visit: Heritage Shorthorns new website





     From Cows Bred To Thrive

       In Fescue Country ...

Nile Valley Shorthorns always has the Welcome Wagon open for our Friends. We love to share our Shorthorn cows with visitors.

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